What Our Members Say

We are very proud of the hundreds of 5 Star reviews about Starworld Martial Arts Academy that are posted online. Below are just a few of the reviews we’ve received. For another indicator as to why our martial arts school is the best place in the Goodyear area for kids and families to develop character, physical fitness, and self-defense skills, view also our awards and certifications.

Continued to Grow into a Fine Young Man

William has continued to grow into a fine young man and is always thinking of others before his own needs. We are very happy to see what positive effects martial arts has had on William, and look forward to the day he will earn his black belt. We as parents are happy to witness his self-esteem continue to develop as well as his ability to stand up for himself in a positive manner. My husband and I would like to thank MASTER WILLIAMSON and the black belt instructors for offering an educational and fun time for our son, William

~ Christopher and Jineza Mcmullan

A Lot of Growth in Academics and Working Independently

I am Devinn Gleaton’s Fourth Grade teacher and I am writing a letter to keep you informed of Devinn’s academic progress this quarter. I have seen a lot of growth in Devinn’s academics and working independently. He is beginning to gain confidence in himself and believing in his work. This past quarter Devinn had two projects that needed to be completed at home… He made a time capsule based on the life of Rosa Parks and just completed an Animal probe on the Saltwater Crocodile. Both of these are examples of outstanding performance. When presenting to the class, Devinn was well prepared and ready to answer peer questions. I hope that Devinn continues to excel this last quarter in academics and personal growth. If you have any questions, please contact me.

~ Lynn Tompkins – Teacher

I was Looking for a Traditional School

I was looking for a traditional school in the West Valley for two of my boys (10 and 14). I wanted a place where they can learn discipline and honor: carried into their lives outside of the school. Starworld is a welcoming community, not just a martial arts school. There is a lot of individualized instruction even in the larger classes as there are many Black Belt leaders, and they are all amazing (and kind) people in their own right. I couldn’t be more happy with my choice to bring my children to Starworld. I have seen significant improvement in their attitudes, respect, drive and determination. I don’t ask them to get ready for class. I don’t ask them to practice. They are ALL in… they love going… and that really is a great feeling for me.

~ Sean K Family 

Improvement in Attitude

Christina has shown a ton of improvement in her attitude since starting Tang Soo Do. She is showing more self-confidence in all aspects of daily life. She is doing well in school, and is getting along with the other children much better than at the beginning of the school year. Her interactions with her big brother are more age-appropriate and they play together very nicely the majority of the time. She has a big smile most of the time, and seems to be happier in general. Through she tends to be a little behind other kids at times, she tries hard and gives her best effort most of the time. Thank you to the Thomas family and all the black belts who are so caring, giving and so incredibly instrumental in the development of our children.

~Gustaf van acker

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