Master Johnny R. Williamson, 6th Dan

Master Williamson is the founder and owner of Starworld Martial Arts Academy.

Me Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

He is married and has four children.

Master Johnny Williamson is a karate expert and a business guru. He has dedicated almost his entire life to developing Tang Soo Do through the Starworld Martial Arts Academy which he founded. His unwavering commitment to karate, his helpful hand with other karate schools as well as his mentoring skills have made him popular and respected among his peers and beyond. He is always ready to offer a helping hand and this resonates well with both his peers in martial art and those who look up to him. He truly embellishes the karate spirit of Tang Soo Do that involves merging the mind and the body into a single unified defensive weapon for good purposes.

Master Williamson’s entire life has been a buildup of experience and skill ushering him into the roles he holds today. His first experience with the martial arts was in the 1970’s, he studied Taekwondo. Later while still serving in the in the US Army, he was stationed at Ft. Dix, NJ. It was there, in 1985 where he began his studies of Tang Soo Do under the instruction of Master Vance Britt, 7th Dan. Pictured below standing: (left to right) Vance Britt, Johnny Williamson, Doug, sitting: Darryl Khalid and Grand Master Jae C. Shin (standing between the two is MoShay Williamson).

His progression was quick earning his black belt 3 years later in 1988. He was then ordered to go on a mission to Germany. It was in 1988 that he open his first WTSDA Tang Soo Do Studio (Starworld Martial Arts Academy) on the military base located in Rheinberg, Germany. In 189 the Berlin Wall came down, thus ending the cold war. Master Williamson was assigned to a team of experts to travel within Europe inspecting and assisting the closure of many American Military Bases. While doing this, this allowed him to open many WTSDA Tang Soo Do schools in Europe. He was also able to continue his Tang Soo Do training in Europe under (at that time) the two highest ranking WTSDA European instructors; Klaus Trogemann, 3rd Dan of Germany and Aldwin Lee, 3rd of the Netherland, as well study Chinese boxing and Aikido.

His military positioned in Germany ended in 1992. He moved back to the US and settled in Sierra Vista, Arizona and quickly opened Starworld Martial Arts Academy in two locations; on the military base of Ft. Huachuca, AZ and the other in the city of Sierra Vista, AZ. He also continued studying the art of Aikido (under Mitsugi Saotome Sensei) in Tucson, AZ. He later retired from the Army with many military awards and with honor having served in the military faithfully for 20 years.

Fast forward to almost 30 plus years later. Master Johnny R. Williamson owns and operates a very large and successful World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) license karate studio which he built over the years. Cumulatively, Master Williamson has over 30 years of experience in teaching the art of Tang Soo Do Read the 30 Year Anniversary Newsletter

He is not only qualified in martial arts; Master Williamson’s academic degrees are one Associate of Arts (AA), two Bachelor Degrees; Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). His combination of academic, business experience and skills in martial arts have propelled him to a flurry of positions over the years. Currently, Master Williamson is a member and valuable advisor with the WTSDA Business committee. His role involves helping with WTSDA studio business operations around the world freely giving business knowledge on a large scale. 

Additionally, Master Williamson is a WTSDA regional director over six states in the USA. He is also the chairperson of the WTSDA Community Service which provides advice and leadership appropriate for building positive relationships between any WTSDA studio and the communities it serves.

Additionally, Master Williamson is a certified anti-bully professional expert. He has gone on to develop a curriculum for anti-bullying for other karate studio owners offering advice and sharing his vast experience which he has gathered over the last 30 plus years. He has also written several books that are on sale at Amazon.

In 2005 Master Williamson received a call from Grandmaster Shin tasking him to work closely with him on a special World Tang Soo Do Association anniversary project. He was appointed and chaired the responsibility of providing detailed instructions for all World Tang Soo Do Association studio owners on how to host a local community event specifically in recognition of the WTSDA 25th anniversary.

Below, Horseback Riding together are (left to right) Darryl Khalid, Grandmaster Shin, Johnny Williamson, Vance Britt


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