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Bully Defense of the Month – The Confident Look

You’ve probably been told by your teacher, your parents, and even your friends to keep a good posture. It’s good for your health, it’s good for your appearance, and it makes you look more confident. But did you know that walking and sitting with good posture can also help you ward off bullies?

That’s right. If you want to avoid making bullies think that you’re an easy target, you have to show them that you’re confident with the way you hold your body. Bullies are known to pick on people who appear helpless and unlikely to fight back. Bad posture can make you appear insecure or unconfident, and bullies will look at you as easy prey.

On the other hand, if you stand up tall and walk with certainty in your gait, you will send out the message that you’re strong, competent, and secure in yourself. Any potential bullies will be afraid to approach you or cause you any harm. Your confident attitude will metaphorically give you a protective aura that wards off bullies.

When you sit, this is what you want to do to show confidence:

– Keep your back straight and your shoulders back.- Look straight ahead, not down at your hands, and keep your head high- Keep your head movements to a minimum. Jerking your head from side to side shows bullies that you’re anxious.
– Don’t lean forward onto your arms. Leaning forward shows bullies that you’re trying to shrink yourself because you’re insecure.- Don’t fidget or twitch your feet. Instead, keep your feet planted on the ground or loosely crossed for comfort.

Similarly, when you walk, this is what you want to do to exude confidence:

– Don’t walk with your hands in your pockets. It shows you’re uncomfortable and encourages slouching.- Don’t cross your arms. That will make you seem vulnerable. Let your arms fall loosely at your sides.- Don’t stare at the ground when you walk. Look forward instead so you show that you’re certain about yourself.- Take long, brisk strides as these will make you seem purposeful, like you know exactly where you’re going.

Learning to sit and walk with confidence is one extra trick that you can have up your sleeve to keep those bullies away. Start working on your posture and let your body become a repellent for potential bullies.



Recognition Awards for Completing Weekly Good Job and Monthly Project Sheets:

  • Black Stripe = Student Completed the Sheet
  • Green Stripe= Positive Parent Comment on Sheet
  • Blue Stripe = Positive Teacher Comment on Sheet
  • Yellow Stripe = Completed Bully Project


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